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How to take care of your nail's beauty?

Nowadays, there is too much focus on hair care and skin care that you can forget to take good care of your nails. That is why, we propose you here some natural tips to get healthy nails.

First, there is some important information about nail care to know before starting any treatment.

What to do to take good care of your nails!

To get gorgeous nails, there are some steps and rituals to provide a good care for your nails without chemicals. Indeed, a well-balanced diet combined to a good personal hygiene can give you a salon-worthy nails.

Here are some steps to adopt:

  • Moisturize your nails
  • Caring your cuticles
  • Seek out alternatives

Choose a good remover, acetone-free

You can get an acetone-free remover almost anywhere, which is less harsh on your nails. However, a natural remover helps your nails to remain much healthier. And this kind of remover works perfectly with all types of nail polish. Natural Nail Polish Remover sells a remover made entirely from biodegradable ingredients, which is safe for the environment, non-tested on animal and suitable for use by vegan.

A recipe for a natural nail-strengthening treatment

You have to mix 2 teaspoons of castor oil with 2 teaspoons of salt, and a teaspoon of germ oil. Mix all ingredients and keep them in a sealed bottle. You must apply and to make frictions of a small quantity onto your nails. Likewise, leave it for 3 or 5 minutes and wipe it off. Furthermore, make enough mixture to apply 20 to 30 times.

What you should not do for nail care!

There are some bad habits for nail care, moreover, they are unacceptable. There is a list of these forbidden habits:

  • Biting fingernail and picking cuticles
  • Pulling off hangnails
  • Peeling off gel polish
  • Using harsh care products
  • Sawing nails back and forth
  • Neglecting nail problems or swelling

However, taking care of your nail may provide you some satisfaction and more healthy fingernails and toenails.

Indeed, many factors can influence your nail health as food, moisturizing, etc.

Anyway, if you rely on a manicure or a pedicure for healthy looking nails, you must keep in mind a few things to do or to avoid.

  • Verify the license of your salon
  • Verify that your technician are licensed
  • Verify that your technician sterilize properly all tools used to prevent infection spreading
  • Ask how the foot bath is cleaned and sterilized between clients, and if the filter are changed regularly

When you need to consult your doctor or dermatologist!

You may to check with your doctor or dermatologist, if you notice one or some of these findings :

  • Color changing of your nails : discoloration of a part or the entire nail, any dark spots under the nail
  • Deformation of nail shape : clubbing of fingernails or spoon nails
  • Thickening or thinning of nails
  • Onycholysis : separation of a fingernail or toenail from its skin
  • Blood under nail
  • Swelling, tenderness and redness of the skin around the nails
  • Fingernail or toenail fails to grow out or develops some vertical ridges


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